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How Life Coaching Works

Coaching sessions generally take place via phone (called “telecoaching”), with e-mail or online follow-ups to check on your progress and answer any questions you may have about an assignment, task, or topic. You schedule your telephone appointments with your coach at your convenience.

Because telephone coaching can be done from home, from work, or even while traveling, we recommend that you set your appointments during times when you can be free of interruption and distraction, so you can devote your full attention to the session.

How long does a coaching session last?

You can expect your coaching sessions to run on the professional hour, for approximately 50 minutes per session. In some cases, 25 minutes is adequate to check in, get feedback about your progress, ask questions, clarify assignments, and get the resources you need.

How many sessions will we meet?

As many as it takes to be effective at helping you get where you want to be.

For some people, one session per week for a couple of months is enough to get them moving in the right direction; for others, ongoing weekly sessions are necessary to keep them on track, and keep them from getting distracted, getting off track, or making excuses.

Who makes the coaching call?

You will call your Coach at your pre-scheduled appointment time.  Your appointment time will be determined based on the times when you are available, and can be free of distraction, and interruption.

Do you provide free coaching sessions?life coach goals

We have found that “free” sessions, although a valuable tool provided by many coaches, do not typically serve the needs of our clients. Instead of providing a “getting to know you” session, like  many complimentary coaching sessions are, we provide you with a no-risk session that is designed to get you started on results and action right away; not just provide your Coach with an opportunity to talk to you about their services.

Your first coaching session will be driven by your desire to get some assistance in managing some aspect of your life or career or relationships. We will talk about what your current situation is, where you’d like there to be change, what your options are, and your best choice for improvement and better results. When you leave your first coaching session you’ll have an action plan that will give you an assignment, task, or plan to start working on right away.

If you’re happy with your session and your coach, we’ll schedule your first several sessions, and get you started!

Will you use a lot of “coach talk”?

If you’ve looked into coaching and done some research, you’re probably aware of some of the “coaching language” that is common out there. You might have heard phrases like “intuitive decision making,” “holistic, integrated awareness” or  “spiritual growth” and wondered, “What exactly does that mean?”

While there are elements of all of those that take place in quality coaching, Life in Motion Coaches value real-life language, accessible concepts, and concrete, measurable results.

Our coaches strive to make your coaching experience one that is valuable and pertinent to you, so we work with you, in your language, without diluting principles with jargon or ingenuous claims.

We don’t claim to have any special knowledge, power, or secrets that will change your life. Instead, we trust that you DO have all the knowledge, power, and capability you need to get what you want, and merely provide feedback, clarity, suggestions, and perhaps a different perspective.

Our coaching style isn’t for everyone, but if it sounds like something that could work for you, then don’t wait. Your life is waiting, and it’s time to start enjoying it.

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