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My Philosophy

life coach jana beutlerI started Life in Motion Coaching in 2003 when I discovered that coaching was how I wanted to use my unique blend of skills and expertise in working with people.

As a successful business entrepreneur, I had found great fulfillment as a personal fitness trainer in working with clients who were seeking to transform their lives through a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. After Graduate School, where I obtained a Masters in Educational Psychology, I discovered that coaching combined what I loved about fitness, nutrition and personal training, with what I loved about teaching and counseling. 

Since then, my life has changed in many ways. I have moved, changed directions with my career,transitioned to a new city and state, sold my fitness business, and picked up lots of tools along the way.

Through all of this change, what I have learned is that my calling--above all things--is to make a difference in the lives of others who desire change, and just need a little help getting there.

I believe that in order to truly be one’s best (healthy and happy in both body and mind), and to live a fulfilled and happy life—there must be balance—and that regardless of how much time or money people spent on their bodies—the TRUE changes happened when they spent time and resources on developing their minds and spirits, setting priorities, examining their values, and working on issues which were holding them back from being their very best. 

I love working with clients on creating a life they love, in a body they love, by developing a positive mental attitude and proper fitness and nutrition. With coaching, my clients get instruction, guidance, support, and self confidence to get back to being the best version of themselves possible.

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Jana L Beutler, M.Ed., EzineArticles Basic Author


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my mission

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Welcome to LIFE IN MOTION! I'm the founder and owner of Life in Motion Life Coaching, and a founder and former owner of a successful personal training and fitness company.

I'm a Board Certified Therapist, life coach, and published author on various subjects including weight loss, motivation, making change, goal-setting, overcoming emotional obstacles.

I've appeared in tv interviews and national magazines, including Health Magazine, and Experience Life Magazine, in addition to having had several articles published internationally.

The programs I've created have changed lives. These include: the Curvy Woman Workout, Fat Blast Meal Plans, Weight Loss 911, and Kitchen Intervention.

My career and professional experiences (pre-trainer/coach) include being a former high school teacher, a school counselor and a Juvenile Probation Officer. When I got my Masters Degree in Psychology, while running what was then a fledgling startup training company, I was able to find a way to use my skills from each in my "blended" career as a life coach, fitness and weight loss author, counselor and mentor for women.

As a Life and Wellness / Weight Loss Coach, I work with clients on goal-setting, staying motivated, and implementing healthy lifestyle habits.

Although I am now a Sacramento-based coach, I work with clients all over the country—working primarily by phone or online.

One of my most recent projects includes the Paleo Fat Blast Meal Plan, which provides healthy meal plan ideas and resources for those struggling with nutrition. The Curvy Woman Workout, another project, is a fitness program for "regular" sized women who accept and appreciate their curves.

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  • "To empower my life coaching and fitness clients to live a life they love."
  • Feel more excited about your life
  • Lose weight and/or have more self confidence
  • Love your body!
  • Have a more positive outlook on life
  • Have better, stronger relationships
  • Be more motivated and have more energy
  • Get over it and move on
  • Stop making excuses and just do it!

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What a Life in Motion Means

When the body is in motion, it has purpose, energy, and momentum. And the more you move, the stronger, more flexible, and more resilient your body becomes!

A life in motion is very much the same. A life in motion has direction, momentum, energy, and purpose. It is propelled forward by sheer inertia once it has a destination and gets a good shove in the right direction.

When your Life is in Motion, you are moving forward. You are growing, experiencing and enjoying life, and taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Most of what I know and help you with comes directly from my own personal experiences and challenges, (in addition to my education and my desire for personal growth.) I have made plenty of mistakes, and have learned a lot along the way. I share my experiences with others, because nothing gives me more fulfillment and satisfaction than helping others succeed, and seeing them experience true happiness, joy, and fulfillment of their own.

Ultimately, my goal, and my calling in life, is to help you GET YOUR LIFE IN MOTION so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer, and live a fulfilled, happy and healthy life.

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Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University, with an Emphasis in Counseling & Guidance

B.S. Ed., University of Arizona, majoring in English, dual minors in Psychology and French Lit.

Former Board Certified Therapist, (National Board of Certified Counselors)

Trained Lifestyle / Wellness Coach, Adler School of Professional Coaching

Certified Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor and Crossfit Level 1 Coach and Nutritionist

Contributing Author "Health: Mind, Body, Soul" (book)

Guest blog contributor and author of nationally published magazine articles

Former Owner and Founder, SWAT Fitness and Personal Training

Founder and Owner, Life in Motion Coaching

Member - Tucson Coaches Alliance, CoachVille, U.S. Life Coach Association, International Federation of Coaches, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

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my goals

To continue to learn and grow in my coaching practice, as well as in my personal life.

I am committed to continuing to provide quality, educational and effective fitness and lifestyle coaching to women, and to be a leader and advocate of woman's health in the fitness industry.

My goal is to create a small team of successful coaches who are committed to leading our clients to healthier, happier ways of living.

Other than that, it wouldn’t totally stink if I finished a novel this year. Or even next:)

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I believe that all of us have the innate desire to be our best selves, and achieve greatness in our lives. Unfortunately, we often sabotage ourselves, or give up in frustration before we’ve really experienced all that life has to offer.

Fear of failure, perfectionism, and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others can often lead to anxiety, frustration, and downright depression. Having an objective, trusted professional to bounce ideas off of, to tell you how it is, and to point out your irrational and ineffective patterns of thought and behavior can be just what you need to take your goals to the next level.

Life coaches are simply there to listen, to ask you the tough questions, and when needed, to hold you accountable. We can all use a “shove” occasionally; I believe that having an objective person who respects you and is focused on your progress and happiness can facilitate growth, progress, and ultimately, life happiness. Jana Beutler



Jana is the author and developer of various projects, books and articles, including the Curvy Woman Workout program, and Fat Blast Meal Plans for Women. She is a featured coach/consultant and author on the international "I am Happy Project."