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Here's me in a nutshell: I absolutely love seeing others find their courage, make a decision, and take massive action to better themselves and their lives. My purpose (in career and in life) is to contribute to that journey.

I started coaching in 2003 when I discovered that coaching was the perfect way to use my unique blend of skills and expertise in working with people through change and transition. I speak from experience.

Like you, my life has been full of events that have changed things.... some unexpectedly easy, and some much harder to accept and come back from than others. I was fortunate to have people who provided guidance, mentorship and coaching. Without it - I might still be here, but the path would have been considerably bumpier.

My career path has not been straight and it has not been narrow. But every step on my journey has brought me to this, right now, with you.

Early in my career, as a teacher I learned the value of encouraging others in learning new habits or skills.

As a counselor, I learned the value of truly listening to others and respecting their experiences and points of view. I learned about how deeply we attach to our beliefs and stories, and how often that gets in our way.Jana speaking

As a nutrition coach and trainer, I learned about the root causes of poor choices and how to identify the obstacles getting in the way. I also learned about the importance of mindset and attitude in approaching change, and how to be patient with the process of positive change.

As a successful fitness business entrepreneur, I learned the value of courage in making transformational change or big life decisions--personally and professionally.

Now, as a business and life coach, I get to blend all of those lessons every day and help others to learn them, too.

In each and every one of these roles, I have learned about the process of change and the stages that we go through when something in our life gets turned upside down or we get fed up. I have been there. I know. I have experienced enormous challenges in my own life that either suddenly forced or required change -- more than once. Careers, relationships, relocations, losses.... And you know what? I made it through it. We are remarkably resilient beings!

jana beutler coachingIn fact, just in the last couple of years, my life has taken another turn and changed quite drastically. My long and (mostly) happy marriage ended, I moved to a new city and state, I sold a successful business and I changed direction with my career. I started over.... again. Somewhat reluctantly, and full of self-doubt.

Was it scary? Absolutely. Did I doubt myself and question my decisions? Every second. Did I do it anyway? Yes.

How did I do it? By using the tools I picked up along the way from MY coaches, my mentors, my teachers, my counselors, and my trainers.

How did it turn out? Awesome. I'm here, now, with you, doing exactly what I'm meant to do.

Through all of this change, what I have learned is that my calling--above all things--is to make a difference in the lives of others who desire change, and just need a little help navigating the path and getting there.

JANA BEUTLER coachingRegardless of how much time or money you spend on external things, happiness will not follow.

You don't have to FIND happiness; you simply have to choose it.

Energy, time and resources are better spent on learning how to accept change and choose happiness.

I promise you this.... Being courageous (even through fear) and taking action, no matter how small, is when truly magical things happen! Let me help you FEEL JOY!Jana Beutler

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